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Second Life Rehabilitation Centre in Vikaspuri is a renowned rehabilitation facility. We have earned a reputation as one of the community's most reliable treatment centres. We have quickly established a solid name and reputation. We provide high-quality care at our de-addiction centre in Vikaspuri by skilled medical professionals, including doctors, therapists, and counsellors.

Why is nutrition a priority at the Second Life Rehabilitation Centre in Vikaspuri?

You need to have your body and mind in the ideal state of balance to recover from addiction. Therefore, it is crucial to have a diet rich in nutrients while receiving medical treatment. We assist the patient in obtaining the proper nutrition at our rehabilitation centre in Vikaspuri. Dietitians at our facility create diet plans based on the needs and restrictions of the patient. More than just a one location, we have vast connection and multiple centers all over Delhi and its areas to keep connected with our patients and spread positivity against drug addiction. Our Rehab Center is a lot more than a simple rehab centre. We are not your personal trainers or doctors. We see ourselves as partners in your rehabilitation. To create a balanced and healthy lifestyle for yourself, we collaborate with you. For long-term healing, our Haryana drug and alcohol rehab centre focuses on the following therapy approaches.

In addition to vital training and meditation, we give our customers knowledge about their addictions, advice on how to be diligent in their recovery efforts, and help them understand how to conquer their addictions. Choosing the right food during your addiction treatment programme is crucial. In our rehabilitation centre in Vikaspuri, we take good care of a person by providing the appropriate medical care, exercises, and nutritious meal.



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