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Suppose someone is severely addicted to drugs like alcohol, opium, afeem (poppy), cigarettes, heroin, etc. In that case, visiting our Rehabilitation Centre in South Ex is highly advised to get long time recovery from your addiction. Stop worrying about anything; we are here to relieve you of all the harmful and undesired drug addiction. Our patients receive round-the-clock services because this is a sensitive topic and one needs to be vigilant and awake for any mishaps during therapy. Our depth of expertise and skilled workforce have improved the recovery rate and outcome.

Join Us at Our South Delhi Addiction Recovery Centre

We have a competent team and staff of psychologists, doctors, counsellors, and psychiatrists who are knowledgeable about their roles and responsibilities in treating drug adductors. 

Our patients are given a suitable schedule to adhere to, giving them a feeling of direction. We always note our patients' eating routines, diet, wake-up and sleep times, and timetable. We also provide easy tasks and new daily activities to prepare them and keep their minds from using drugs. A healthy and proper routine is essential for addicts to manage. Hence, they know what to do next to escape their addiction.

What does our drug detoxification centre do to cure get you out of Addiction?

The Drug De-Addiction Center's mission is to assist those struggling with addiction. As you learn to create a healthy and sober lifestyle, the recovery process often involves four distinct stages:

Treatment Initiation: During this phase of treatment, the patient is admitted to the facility, their history of alcohol and drug use is recorded, the treatment program is explained, and a personalized treatment plan is created in collaboration with the counsellor.

Detoxification & Abstinence: The first stage of treatment may be medically assisted detoxification, depending on the substance use problem. Supportive therapy is given as the drug leaves your bloodstream during this procedure.

A person receives a variety of therapies during addiction treatment to assist them in resolving the problems that led to their substance usage and learning how to live a better lifestyle.

Cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, music therapy, art therapy, sports therapy, and other therapies may be employed in drug recovery. Your qualified addiction counsellor will start by teaching you coping mechanisms and ways to avoid using drugs.

Maintaining Abstinence: After receiving approval from your counsellor to leave the institution, you will continue to receive outpatient counselling and treatment to ensure your recovery is going well and that you don't relapse.

Advanced Recovery: After gaining confidence in your recovery, you advance to the advanced stage, where you work on improving your health, becoming a better friend, spouse, and parent, contributing to society, and pursuing a happy, meaningful life. This can involve setting long-term objectives, maintaining a regular daily plan, making friends with other sober individuals, and engaging in heavy activities.

Joining the Rehabilitation Centre in South Ex is the appropriate decision because it also assists them in considering how they may modify their routine.



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