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We recognise the value of including families in the healing process at the Second Life rehabilitation centre in RK Puram. Our Family Programme is intended to offer therapy, education, and support to both the patient and their loved ones. We think that both the family and the individual experience healing. To aid in the long-term healing of families, our committed team arranges family therapy sessions, workshops, and educational programmes. These activities help families regain trust, improve communication, and create a strong support network.

Services Offered by OPD Facilities: Full-Service Outpatient Care

We are aware that not everyone needs residential treatment. The Second Life Rehabilitation Centre provides OPD (Outpatient Department) Facility Services in order to address this need. For those who might not require round-the-clock care, our OPD services offer extensive treatment choices. Our skilled specialists conduct assessments and develop personalised treatment plans that may include therapy sessions, counselling, and aftercare. People can get the assistance they require through our OPD services while still carrying out their regular duties and responsibilities.

Privacy and comfort in private rooms

The comfort and privacy of our patients are our top priorities at Second Life Rehabilitation Centre in RK Puram. For individuals looking for residential therapy, we provide private rooms. These rooms offer a tranquil, private setting where people can concentrate on their rehabilitation path without interruptions. Our luxurious private rooms are created to provide the utmost comfort and to foster an atmosphere that is conducive to recovery and introspection.

Semi-Private Rooms: A Friendly Community Environment

The Second Life Rehabilitation Centre has semi-private accommodations in addition to private ones. These spaces offer a welcoming environment where people can connect with others who are facing comparable difficulties. Living in close quarters with others encourages cooperation, empathy, and support for one another. Each person's need for personal space is respected while community and collaboration are encouraged in our semi-private rooms.


We abide by all of the government's laws and regulations. Put an end to worries about cleanliness and safety. To find out more about the treatment plan, get in touch with our Second Life rehabilitation centre in RK Puram.



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