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If you are also planning to search for the best and most reliable rehabilitation centre in Safdarjung Enclave, you have come to the right place. Yes, Second Life Rehabilitation Centre is one of the most trusted rehabilitation centres worldwide. Let's understand below why! Counselling and therapy sessions are as crucial to treating addiction as medication and detoxification. To ensure that you receive timely counselling and therapy sessions for a quicker and better recovery. We rank among the top rehabilitation facilities in the Safdarjung enclave because of our licenced counsellors and therapists. They have years of experience working with teenagers and young adults.

Why are counselling and therapy necessary at Rehabilitation Centre in Safdarjung Enclave?

In the Safdarjung Enclave, we have a correctional facility where we place a strong focus on counselling and therapeutic sessions. To deal with changes during detoxification, counselling and therapy are crucial. Additionally, it lessens the likelihood of relapse and aids in managing trigger areas.

The advantages of counselling and therapy sessions during the addiction treatment programme are listed below:

  • Counselling and therapy sessions assist in stress reduction.
  • It provides a setting to learn, develop, and discuss anything.
  • You can build a social network thanks to these counselling and therapy sessions.
  • Our Nasha Mukti Kendra in the Safdarjung neighbourhood offers group treatment sessions. Through these group treatment sessions, you can build a network of people with whom you can communicate, share, and support each other as they overcome their addictions.

Services provided at our Rehabilitation Centre in Safdarjung Enclave

The following services are available to our patients:

  • Pickup and delivery service.
  • Emergency telephone number
  • Emergency medical assistance service
  • A vegetarian and nonvegetarian cuisine
  • Rooms with and without AC
  • Meditation and yoga sessions

We abide by every covid regulation that the government has made. Therefore, put safety and hygiene concerns to rest. Contact our Second Life Rehabilitation Centre in Safdarjung Enclave to learn more about the treatment programme.



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