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In today's era, drug addiction has become a common cause in society. To get rid of yourself or your loved ones of this problem, are you looking for a Rehabilitation Centre in Vasant Kunj? If yes, read the complete blog:

People who are taking any narcotic substance like alcohol, smack, heroin, pain injections, tablets, etc. for a long time, their body becomes dependent on it which is called physical dependence. In this, his body is not normal until the drug addict is intoxicated and if he tries to stop then his body reacts which is called Withdrawal Syndrome, due to which his whole body starts trembling when he does not get the drug, he There is a pain in the joints, after eating or drinking anything, it becomes vomit, water starts flowing from the eyes, severe headache, etc.

Government Approved Rehabilitation Centre in Vasant Kunj

If there is more dependence, then the person goes into hallucination, in this, he does not have any sense of person, place, and time, he does not recognize people, and he does not understand where he is and what time is happening to him. Apart from this, in this situation, he starts hearing voices, and what is not there, becomes visible.

Excessive dependence leads to delirium tremens, a condition in which the person falls into a coma due to the sudden cessation of the drug, and the heart rate becomes abnormal, leading to cardiac arrest.

The above conditions can be easily dealt with by medical help. This treatment is called withdrawal treatment.

A team of skilled, professional, and well-experienced psychiatrists, doctors, and nursing staff is available for this at the Rehabilitation Centre in Vasant Kunj. The rehabilitation centre is doing withdrawal treatment in Gurgaon, Noida, and Faridabad through these centers.

The essence of the research of most medical scientists and psychologists is that in most drug addicts, as a result of chemical reactions, there are some permanent changes in their body and mind which are not possible to completely cure the disease. Here let us consider only one aspect of whatever the status quo is now, some hormones are not being released, their secretion is not happening, and some neurons are not working properly, as a result, this intoxication is also included. Because of the above reason, most addicts often suddenly become a victim of bad feelings and go and drink alcohol. Therefore it is his own personal responsibility to lead a disciplined life as an addict and keep himself happy and stress-free. Let us have a look that:-

There are many hormones in the body that are responsible for different reactions. Similarly, to be happy, there are four types of hormones, due to which we feel happy. We always feel that others are responsible for our happiness or unhappiness but it is not so. The hormones found in our bodies are responsible for our happiness. Our happiness is also affected by their increase or decrease. Let us know about those hormones which are related to our happiness.

Consult today with the best and most experienced doctors of the Rehabilitation Centre in Vasant Kunj.



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