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Taking help from the Rehabilitation centre in Green Park is a powerful step toward freedom. As our centres provide safe and comfortable rehabilitation services that help individuals achieve sobriety and maintain sobriety once achieved. However, treatment is not the same for everyone – each person needs a different set of treatment options and services that work best for them. This individual treatment need depends on the existence of substance abuse, duration of addiction, and any other mental disorder and individual preferences. Apart from the treatment programs, there are a number of commonalities followed in the government rehabilitation centre.

You will now be familiar with what happens in a de-addiction centre to get a better understanding of the rehabilitation process. This will remove all your apprehensions of seeking help from a rehabilitation centre.

What Happens at the Rehabilitation Centre?

Individuals in a de-addiction centre will have to take the following steps as they progress in their journey.

  • Enter

The administrative process is completed as soon as the person enters the government de-addiction centre. The employee makes sure that the person is not carrying any prohibited items such as drugs or alcohol or weapons into the centre. The person becomes well versed with the rules of the de-addiction centre so that the treatment can begin. These rules ensure the safety of all persons in the centre.

  • Evaluation

The medical staff prepares the person's treatment plan, which is based on the person's mental assessment, physical examination, and questioning of the person.

The following answers are determined at our Rehabilitation centre in Green Park:

  • What substances is the person addicted to
  • How long has the person been addicted
  • Whether he is suffering from any mental disorder or not

These answers help to design an individualized treatment plan that meets the needs of the individuals. This maximizes the effectiveness and success rate of the treatment plan. The best Rehabilitation Centre in Green Park conducts regular evaluations throughout the treatment program to ensure that the individual's needs are being met.

  • Detox

Detoxification is the process of clearing harmful drug toxins and residues from a person's body, such that treatment may begin in moderation. Our de-addiction centres spread all over Delhi and NCR, make this process as safe and comfortable as possible for the individual. Abrupt abstinence from the drug leads to withdrawal symptoms. It is advised to depend on the Rehabilitation Centre as the symptoms can be dangerous. To meet the needs of the individual, the Centre has 24*7 medically supervised withdrawal symptoms management. They provide medications to reduce the distress caused by withdrawal symptoms and to reduce the craving for the drug.

  • Patient Care

During inpatient care, a person receives a range of treatments and services that lead to freedom from addiction. The therapy offered at the Rehabilitation counseling centre helps individuals learn about themselves, understand their addiction and its triggers, and develop important life skills. The goal of inpatient treatment is to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and habits necessary to achieve sobriety and maintain a healthy and drug-free life.

We provide all the services and personal care to the patient at such an affordable price. So, for more inquiries, contact the Rehabilitation Centre in Green Park.



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