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Searching for the rehabilitation centre in Janakpuri? As, Delhi has become the common place where you can easily get drugs and high doses of alcohol, which makes teenagers cool and popular. It is true? No addiction to drugs can never do good things with you whether it’s a girl or a boy. Addiction to drugs increases the number of accidents or rape cases. When an addicted person doesn’t get their drugs or time they do abnormal things, which is not good for their family, health, and our society.

Second Life is a certified rehabilitation centre in Janakpuri that treats addicted patients. Addiction is not a habit it’s a disease and Second Life gives hope to families to fight this disease. It’s a government-approved rehab center that operates 24/7. The supportive staff and professionals are always available for their patients to help them medically and mentally.

Second Life Rehabilitation Centre Facilities

  • Our staff is available for their patients to give them the best medical treatment. We have medical facilities including 12-step programs for OPD facilities.
  • We have a recreation area for our patients that help them to engage with yoga, and indoor games and make a healthy environment.
  • We believe that after addiction human body ruin very badly so, we provide nutritious full food to our patients which helps them to fight this disease.
  • The accommodation facility helps patients to stay in the center and focus on their recovery so that they can meet their families soon.

Our organization Second Life stands for giving our patients new life. We are most popular in every state and city because of our patient’s experience. Our first and last priority is to make you satisfied and believe in our services. Make an appointment now and visit our rehabilitation centre in Janakpuri.



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