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In common parlance, alcohol, ganja, smack, tablet or opium, etc. are called intoxicants, but in medical language, they are all drugs and they all have medicinal uses, such as alcohol, hemp, and opium are used by pharmaceutical companies to make medicines. And many drugs like Netarabet 10, William 10, Marfin, etc. are used by people in intoxication. If your loved one has also become habitual of this and you are looking for the best Rehabilitation Centre in Rajouri Garden.

All these are drugs, so what is intoxication? According to medical science, intoxication means addiction, it is a disease, one who gets it, starts using any substance uncontrollably or starts doing any work/behavior again and again, due to which his life gets disturbed. Addiction is mainly divided into two parts:-

  1. Substance addiction or substance intoxication;
  2. Behavioral addiction.

Substance intoxication is the uncontrolled use of alcohol, ganja, charas, opium or other physical substance and makes him physically and mentally dependent on the substance when he wants to stop, he suffers physical and mental distress due to which he Even if he wants to, he is not able to turn them off.

However, behavioral intoxicants come from gambling, social media, video games like pubg, etc. They have a mental dependence, the person likes to do it only and he is not able to stop them even if he wants to. No matter how much damage is being done. You must have seen many gamblers waste all their gambling, yet they are not able to stop. Today a social media addiction ward has been opened separately in NIMHANS. The World Health Organisation has also started the process of declaring social media addiction as a disease.

Government Approved Rehabilitation Centre in Rajouri Garden

People of all ages come for treatment at the Rehabilitation Centre. Here the priority of the management of the Rehabilitation Centre is to eliminate the drug dependence of the patient and make him physically fit, after that the whole process of treatment is focused on changing his mindset toward addiction. It is not necessary that complete freedom from drug addiction is possible for any one age group because the whole question is of willpower. Emphasis is being laid on increasing this willpower in the de-addiction centre.

For any person to stay away from intoxication, his mental change towards intoxication is responsible.

Most of the people who are in the grip of drug addiction come in puberty, so if the help of a de-addiction centre is taken in the initial stage of an addiction, it is best because earlier the body is protected from health damage. Spend this and that. This saves both time and money. Second, young people are more likely to change attitudes towards drugs.

Apart from this, these organizations run drug awareness programs, through which the general public can get information about the symptoms of various drugs and ways to avoid them.

So, taking help from the Rehabilitation Centre in Rajouri Garden is a powerful step towards freedom. Our centres provide safe and comfortable rehabilitation services that help individuals achieve sobriety and maintain sobriety once achieved.



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