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Most of the people in the grip of drug addiction come in puberty, so if the help of a de-addiction rehabilitation centre in Dwarka is taken in the initial stage of any intoxication, then it is best because first the body is saved from health loss caused by it and the expenditure on it. It saves both time and money. Second, there is a greater chance of changing attitudes towards drugs at a young age.

Apart, the most important thing is that this organization runs drug awareness programs as well, through which the general public can acquire knowledge about the symptoms of different intoxicants and ways to avoid them.

  • Teamwork is Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation therapy works with a team approach. It consists of a complete team of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists etc., who work closely with Orthopaedics, Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, etc. Apart from these, Rehabilitation Physicians see patients suffering from birth defects, cerebral palsy, and stroke. These differ from MBBS degree holders and other medical specialists.

Being in a Rehabilitation Centre, there are other very important physical, and psychological, factors that are important to free yourself from these issues.

What else is important to get rid of Drug Addiction Issues?

  • Self-confidence

A strong mind and intention play the biggest role in quitting drug addiction. If you have decided in your mind that now you will not touch drugs again, then first increase your confidence in your mind. Start trusting yourself that you will not repeat this task.

  • Family support

The support of family members plays an important role in quitting drug addiction. According to experts, during this time the most important thing is home support. If relatives continue to taunt the person suffering from addiction, then it will be difficult for them to give up alcohol or any kind of intoxication. In such a situation, the family should decide that they should support them, not underestimate them.

  • Render distance

To quit any intoxicant, first, reduce its quantity. For example, shorten the wine bag or break it before smoking a cigarette and make it smaller. Quit keeping lighters, matches, gutka balls, and tobacco with you. Make a diary and write in it when and in what quantity, with whom you take drugs. Read it over and over again. If you get more intoxicated on a special occasion or with a special person, then ignore it.

  • Explore other options

If there is a need for cigarettes or gutkha, cardamom, fennel etc. can be taken in their place. As an alternative to cigarettes, e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) or herbal cigarettes can be used. However, the WHO has opposed e-cigarettes. Nevertheless, some experts believe that if used in moderation, they can help quit cigarettes. They contain nicotine but in small amounts.

  • Quit smoking immediately

Most people think of quitting drugs gradually. However, experts advise the opposite. According to the doctors of the Rehabilitation Centre in Dwarka, if you want to quit an addiction, then immediately stay away from intoxicants.

In case of more inquiries, feel free to contact this rehabilitation centre to get a new life.



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